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Order Management System (OMS) were created to help manufacturers and distributors save time in one of the most important parts of the sales process: managing and fulfilling orders. End users, partners, and other customers can place these orders directly. Getting the wrong products or getting them late might cause a lot of problems. You can boost efficiency and deliver better customer service by implementing a solid order management system into your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform. This Order Management system from GALTech help you save time and money while improving quality and customer service.

Our Order Management System (OMS) helps to reduce fulfillment costs by offering multiple delivery or pick up options. You can ship orders from best location, set up split shipment rules, and automatically trigger stock transfer across channels. Not every location has the same fulfillment capabilities. Being able to optimize at the store level helps improve your customer experience. You can allocate orders based on capacity or performance and reduce markdowns. Live inbound inventory updates allow you to promise inventory with accurate fulfillment times.

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