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GALTech gives you the power to redefine your business strategies with our dedicated AI services and allows you to transform your business in a way that accelerates growth and success. Artificial Intelligence is transforming every industry because of its sophisticated capabilities and deep data analysis. We are a reputable Artificial Intelligence development agency that provides a comprehensive range of advanced AI solutions to assist businesses in automating day-to-day processes and overcoming complicated business challenges. Hire our AI consulting, development, and integration services to increase your end-user engagement and, as a result, your company’s performance.

Artificial Intelligence doesn’t fall into a single technology category. companies from all industries are beginning to harness the capabilities of these technologies to increase their competitive advantage. As a reputable company that provides top artificial intelligence services, we incorporate AI capabilities into modern business technologies to assist organizations in automating repetitive operations and speeding up decision-making. Our data engineers and developers construct tailored AI software solutions for start-ups, small-midsize organizations, and enterprise-wide businesses to establish a sustainable and unified AI-driven ecosystem.

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Our AI Software Solutions

Our skilled team of software engineers conceptualizes and implements AI-driven software solutions into corporate processes for data-driven decision making, marketing & sales, customer support, etc. to contribute to long-term business growth and efficiency.

Machine Learning

You must pay great attention to the data to make data-driven decisions. Through machine learning, we assist businesses in identifying patterns from massive volumes of operational data and make use of powerful learning algorithms to let your information systems predict outcomes on their own.

Customer Service

With Our powerful AI capabilities, we can develop intelligent customer service solutions for businesses to automatically provide automatic client responses. Our solutions include chatbots, voice-first interfaces, cognitive assistants, contextual recommendations, and intelligent self-service alternatives.

Text, Image & Video Analytics

Our video, image, and text analytics tools can help your company accomplish analysis projects in as little as a few hours. We create cutting-edge AI solutions that include text, image, and video analysis tools to help businesses become more mobile, save time and money, and increase profit margins.

Classification Tools

By combining our AI capabilities and machine learning algorithms, we can build unique classification tools for businesses and organizations. It can better estimate outcomes by analyzing patterns and behaviors from the advanced insights generated from data like language, gender, age, demographics, etc.

Data-Driven Decision Making

We create sophisticated AI technologies that can spot growth hacking opportunities as well as operational constraints that slow down enterprises. Risk analysis, operational forecasts, predictive maintenance, demand predictions, etc. are some of the popular solutions included in these systems.

Marketing & Sales

We can assist your business to do more sales with our  AI solutions that can deliver intelligent insights, recommendations, and predictions. Sales forecasting, brand sentiment analytics, customer segmentation, etc. AI algorithms we use to assist businesses to maximize acquisition, retention, and relevance.

Predictive Analytics

We develop bespoke machine learning-based models for predictive analytics and end-to-end predictive analytics software, to assist businesses in anticipating consumer preferences and forecasting business results. Predictive analytics insights can assist solve challenging problems and identifying new opportunities.

AI Security Solutions

To safeguard data, user identity, and physical perimeters, we offer our expertise to build AI-driven solutions that use anti-fraud machine learning models for fraud detection, biometric identification & recognition techniques, and theft & abuse detection methods.


Contact Us through Phone, Email, Chat or Skype.

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