Customer Relationship Management(CRM)

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CRM is a method of managing and strengthening a company’s interactions with its leads, prospects, and customers. It is much more than a database of potential clients and customer names; because of the aforementioned capabilities, it can greatly strengthen connections and projects, resulting in increased sales. A good reputation is crucial for construction companies. Every interaction you have has the ability to damage the reputation of your company. Your team can see a contact’s details and status in real-time, as well as the essential next actions in a deal or operation, all in one place with a CRM setup. It’s a single source of information for everything your team needs to know, allowing them to develop deeper relationships on the fly.

With our CRM software for construction industry that makes managing construction enterprises easy no matter where you are, you can stay more organised while on the go. With all of your business information in one location, you can keep everyone informed and up to date. Connect all of your favourite apps to Capsule so that all of your customers’ data is automatically synced, providing you a complete picture of your business. In real-time, you can access your customer information, calendar, tasks, and sales pipeline from any device. Keep track of notes, emails, and files pertaining to each stage of a project to make it easier to stay on track.

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