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Project management in the construction industry is not an easy undertaking. You must keep teams on schedule, remain within budget, ensure quality, and maintain a safe work environment to effectively manage a job. The construction Project Management Software developed by GALTech can help with all of these tasks. Project planning and scheduling are critical components of any project, but they can take days or weeks to do manually, and any human or other error can have a significant impact. The software has an in-built capability for creating a project calendar. It produces a breakdown of activities with dates and task progress.

GALTech’s construction Project Management software connects field and office employees via mobile and web applications. It gives everyone on the worksite the tools they need to get things done on a daily basis while keeping the project plan in mind. No matter where you are, our mobile and web-based construction management software allows you to simply delegate tasks. Each chunk of work can be assigned a priority, category, due date, and assignee, allowing you to work in a flexible environment while staying on top of task progress. Also with our project management software, you can properly track expenditures and hours worked every time a task is completed.

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