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Promotional campaigns and product discounts ensure that you make a profit while also growing your loyal consumer base. If you don’t employ a real-time omnichannel platform to manage your promos, it can be difficult to make them extremely targeted. The discount and promotion management software built by GALTech, a module of ERP for eCommerce companies gives you a versatile and comprehensive set of discounting, bundling, and reward options that you can use across any of your sales channels, online and in-store, to drive sales and improve traffic to your stores. With our promotion management software promotions can be highly targeted and deployed in a matter of seconds. Promotions can be set up as templates and re-run, making it simple to make last-minute modifications to your pricing or promotion strategy in response to circumstances such as weather or sporting results.

Because eCommerce faces the intense, aggressive competition of a cutthroat market, brands are under pressure to provide discounts. Users have become accustomed to, if not hooked to, sales and discounts all over the place. Our eCommerce ERP solution provides a discount and promotion management module that is an all-in-one promotional suite for coordinating and delivering the proper reward at every point of the client lifecycle. It helps to create, redeem, and coordinate all promotions even when selling on multiple platforms. With our promotion management software, you can manage numerous budgets and active coupons and promotions across multiple teams in a single, easy-to-use interface. It also assists to filter data by campaign, user type, vendor, channel, etc. to keep track of the performance of any voucher campaign.

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