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An order management system is a platform that helps with sales, orders, inventory, and fulfillment. It enables the people, procedures, and relationships required for products to reach their intended customers. Our order management system helps sellers assist merchants in managing inventories across numerous sales channels. It can help route customer orders from warehouses based on their proximity to the destination and also scale cross-border sales. Accepting payments independent of the shipment destination or the currency, sending order information to distributors, and printing labels automatically are some of the great features of GALTech’s order management software. It ensures a hassle-free return experience for all parties involved. It also allows businesses to see all of the data they have on a consumer, such as previous orders, lifetime value, and location. Our order management software can take information from your accounting software and merge inventory & sales data to provide you great insight into your profit.

The eCommerce order management software allows automation and integration across the order process. This enables brands to provide consistent consumer experiences across all channels at scale. Operators can use ecommerce order management systems to manage orders coming in from different sales channels and leaving multiple fulfillment points. It streamlines service provider automation and consolidates data into a single interface. To take advantage of the eCommerce growth, businesses should look for an order management system that works with their existing infrastructure. Customers want order fulfilment to be quick, inexpensive, and personalized. With our order management software, you can provide faster delivery of products, avoid any manual errors, and centralize order data across multiple sales channels. It’s also a custom software that will be able to keep up with your business and scale as you expand.

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