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We are the providers of the best ERP for eCommerce businesses and help you in measuring your ROI and making data-driven business decisions with our Ecommerce Report Management Software. With just one tool, you can keep track of your sales, media spend, and advertising performance. In only a few clicks, you’ll be able to acquire top-level statistical insights into the performance of your online business. It collects data from all of your advertising, sales, and marketing platforms automatically and builds visually appealing reports as per your preference. Our report management software enables you to build custom reports including details such as logo, domain name, etc. The software can track and combine data across different sales channels and marketing tools, and provide consolidated reports.

GALTech’s eCommerce reporting tool allows you to combine sales data from all of your channels into a single sales report to see how your eCommerce strategy is going at a glance. It provides easy-to-understand data reports and is also easily customizable to add logos, widgets, images, comments, insights, etc. as per your requirements. It also has great integration capabilities and can be easily integrated with any other eCommerce platform a clear and transparent view of the performance of the eCommerce stores. As the prominent eCommerce ERP system providers, we offer eCommerce reporting software with a lot of features to illustrate your marketing ROI at an affordable price.

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