Fixed Asset Management

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Fixed asset management includes tracking, monitoring, and maintaining equipment, computers, cars, and other physical assets. We have put up a thorough list of fixed asset management capabilities to assist you understand the software’s function and confidently select the proper system. It’s nearly impossible to track maintenance requirements and depreciation without a dependable solution to manage your fixed assets. These responsibilities are necessary to ensure that all assets are in good working order and can serve the organization for as long as feasible. Early breakdown and unanticipated repairs can be costly to your business, which is why periodic maintenance is so important.

Fixed Asset Management software allows customers to effortlessly manage fixed assets from purchase to disposition by providing end-to-end visibility into the management process. Track asset mobility within your company and conduct frequent audits to verify compliance. Digitize, record, and retain asset details and pertinent documents in a central document management repository on a continuous basis to eliminate reliance on physical records. Create asset status reports, especially for ageing and depreciation, and utilise rule-based alerts to notify users of status changes.

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