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Resource management software is a sort of project management tool that helps companies to track the availability and usage of resources as well as identify their skills and assign them to projects and project tasks. A resource management tool assists in the identification and scheduling of resources with the appropriate competencies for any project or job. All of your employees, staff, clients, and external personnel like as contractors, and delegations may be scheduled in one secure solution with high visibility. Any form of task or activity can be scheduled. Work, jobs, meetings, appointments, classes, projects, and many other things can be planned and tracked because you can build your own categories as needed. Businesses can cut administrative and other costs by having improved visibility into resource capacity and utilization.

The resource management software helps reduce the time-consuming effort of manually locating and scheduling the appropriate resources for various tasks. From resource demand and capacity planning through resource scheduling and allocation, it helps to streamline and automate every aspect of project resource management. Under resource management, we offer different modules:

Library Management: Students and professors can search for books using the book ID number, title, author, subject, or any other relevant keyword in the library module.

Hostel & Mess Management: The hostel module aids in the management of all hostel services and processes. It enables management to reduce the amount of paperwork, time, and resources required.

Transport Management: The transportation module assists in ensuring that transportation runs smoothly. It keeps track of all the necessary bus and other vehicle information, as well as student information, bus routes, specific bus routes, vendor information, etc.

Inventory Management: The inventory module allows you to add details, information, and quality details to enable management review each stock.

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