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Online staff training software makes developing, delivering, and managing staff training programs to help outstanding teams thrive exceedingly simple. It makes no difference if you’re a multinational corporation or a tiny firm. It tracks basic employee data, work progress, and evaluator notes, as well as linking files (certifications, employee records, and so on) for future reference. Task history, signoff tracking, expired tasks, certifications and decertifications, due dates, and test results are all included in the task history.

The test modules allow you to create tests, add questions to them (multiple choice, True/False, and Narrative), assign tests to different employees, save test results, and change task histories. Corporate entities and educational institutes use training software to administer and manage their learning and training programmes. Users can use these systems to create courses for their target audiences, assign training sessions, and monitor learner progress. Course registration and testing, certification tracking, conferencing, skills tracking, and reporting are all features of a training system that is often tailored to match the needs of unique businesses. Our vrtual training platform can cut overhead expenses and the human effort required of a learning and development team by providing streamlined course formats, automated email reminders, performance dashboards, and credential administration.

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