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Our housekeeping software module was created to give your housekeeping department more freedom and increase productivity. Our dynamic features ensure that everything is cleaned, maintained, and organized according to your specifications. The hotel housekeeping management software module includes a number of automatic features that will help your housekeeping personnel manage this important role more efficiently. Tasks can be assigned to your cleaning team via the roster screen, and you can pinpoint the exact position of every housekeeper who is using the staff portal by examining their active job. The employee portal will allow for real-time tracking and updates.

Our housekeeping management solution is software that makes housekeeping operations smooth. Housekeeping software communicates with the front desk and enhances service efficiency while reducing paperwork. Our hotel housekeeping software includes a user-friendly dashboard that displays the most up-to-date room status information. To manage job division, hotel housekeeping software allows you to assign rooms to your housekeeping personnel based on blocks/floors or sort them based on their status. Using our smart hotel housekeeping management software, you may manage your list of housekeeping personnel without any restrictions, adding new staff or removing current ones at any moment.

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