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GALTech’s Spa Management Software is designed to be a powerful management tool that will help you provide the finest service possible to your guests. Your spa facility requires a dependable and professional management system that organizes critical information for day-to-day operations, assists you in maintaining a high level of service for increasingly demanding guests, and guides you through critical decisions that impact the overall success of your spa and hotel business. The Spa Management software includes features such as customer database management, calendar management, employee work schedules, and more. The software’s reports enable managers to obtain all of the information needed to effectively run their Spa.

In building the Spa Management software, we used a proactive approach. It makes it easy for individuals who use it on a daily basis. Our Spa Management software is a user defined program that manages all of the spa’s services and amenities. It is more than just a reservations system. It also manages the physical resources, scheduling, preferences, and credentials of the service providers. Help screens and pull-down menus are regular features that allow your spa front office employee to quickly solve even the most difficult and time-consuming issues. Our Spa Management software offers numerous advantages, such as making appointments with ease, speeding up transactions, understanding employee work hours and wages, client histories, and quickly preparing professional invoices.

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