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The FTZ (Foreign-Trade Zones) Management System unites import, export, logistics, compliance, and financial processes, as well as filing with regulatory bodies, to satisfy the specific demands of FTZ operators and tenants. Classifications under the harmonized tariff schedule, export authorization, denied party screening, a complete product catalogue, tracking, event management, and an international document repository are all available. The solution has information-sharing capabilities with import, export, customs house brokers, and freight forwarding components to further eliminate data redundancy. Allows for easy electronic filing and clearing of customs documents. The FTZ solution can be used in conjunction with other warehouse management systems.

Foreign-Trade Zones (FTZ) aid a company’s competitiveness by assisting with the correct management, removal, and reduction of customs charges, taxes, and tariffs, resulting in lower costs of goods sold and lower inventory carrying costs. Manually managing the Foreign-Trade Zone process proves to be quite difficult, especially in high-volume activities. Our FTZ module alleviates this load by integrating with the import and export modules to quickly deliver finished goods for international trade. FTZ Management System also has an built-in inventory management feature.

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