The Background

The client is a microfinance services company in need of an automated solution to handle customer interaction online. The system should understand customers at different stages of the sales cycle. Prospective customers (leads), new customers and customers who are already enrolled and provide respective services.

GALTech Approach

We have proposed and developed a chatbot that can handle different operations such as Lead generation, Customer onboarding, and act as a front end for the customer support operations. The bot will also act as an assistant for users to check account information, transactions details etc.

  • Lead generation – The bot will manage to get information from users like Email, contact number and First name by providing information about products and services.
  • Customer onboarding – Automate KYC process by extracting contents from ID cards and cross-matching the facial expressions and the image present in the card.
  • Customer support- Bot can act as a frontline defence and if the customer wants to talk to a human or in case of escalation- Bot will transfer the control to a human agent.
  • Virtual assistant- Self-learning bot to understand user queries related to their account and transaction details.


  • Frameworks/Technology: Python, GALTech custom framework, Deep Learning, NLP algorithms.


  • Increased customer interaction produced more leads.
  • Increased rate of new customer registration.
  • Increased rate of customer satisfaction.
  • New business from existing customers.