An Azure Migration Case Study

Ongoing IT difficulties at our Client in Dental care services were preventing consistent delivery of reliable services. Without the expected IT speed and reliability, customer complaints were increasing, and service renewals were in jeopardy. Adopting a new strategy to move from legacy infrastructure to Azure cloud, all servers/applications were to be migrated, largely eliminating physical infrastructure. GALTech experts were called in to collaborate with Client to design a new cloud architecture and help to migrate the Azure cloud platform. The successful move was made in just five months with significant improvements in platform reliability and performance. Most importantly, the change led to significantly improved customer satisfaction and retention.

The Client

Client provides orthodontic and dental practices with professional business services, including consulting, marketing, procurement, financial analysis, collections, accounting, and HR/payroll. With multipleoffices in different cities, they are a full-service provider designed to relieve practices of backroom worries and allow them to concentrate on patients and service offerings. They help clients to gain a competitive edge, achieve a financial advantage, and assist with strategies .


Client faced ongoing difficulties with their internal IT infrastructure. They were unable to consistently deliver reliable services to their customers in managed clinics located in different cities. They couldn’t ensure dependable IT functions or provide clients with the expected speed and reliability required to operate their businesses. Legacy infrastructure, housed in a colocation data center, was old, complicated, unreliable and suffered from multiple support issues. The infrastructure comprising of virtual machines and on-premises Citrix systems was challenging to manage. Some purchased solutions had never been implemented. Some had no support agreements. Staff were continually reacting, attempting to fix issues as they occurred, with no time to address systemic causes. Frequent unplanned downtime, coupled with customer complaints, had become the norm.


The first step toward an Azure move was understanding the existing environment. Having previous experience with GALTech expertise and their strong Microsoft relationship, Client asked GALTech for a proposal to design and architect the cloud strategy moving forward. GALTech presented a phased plan that began with discovery followed by a CloudBase phase where the GALTech team would collaborate with Client stakeholders to design the new cloud architecture. They would create a detailed migration plan. And the final Cloud Migrate phase would migrate the servers in a planned sequence designed to meet the goals and timeframe requested by Client.


Citrix-hosted orthodontic system – moved from on-premises to Azure Storage – 15 TB Users: 600+ Cloud provider: Microsoft/Azure Compute:45 VM hosts consolidated from 200+

The Solution

As the Clients transition to Azure began, GALTech conducted customer workshops to define requirements for the foundational cloud infrastructure. These helped create a requirements traceability matrix and included an asset inventory, licensing, and configuration information. The results became the high-level conceptual design document, resource requirements, test documents, and project plan. Working closely with Client staff, GALTech initiated the Cloud Migrate phase creating detailed plans for sequencing, scheduling, and cutover of each workload. As the migrations were executed, 200+ virtual servers were consolidated to fewer than 50. A complete and detailed design document captured all configuration items as built. Integration testing was conducted as all client-facing servers/apps were finally migrated.

Benefits to Client

  • Quality and reliability of services assured
  • Improved customer satisfaction, confidence, and retention
  • Platform transformed from a weakness to a competitive differentiator
  • Licensing and support fully current, with annual operational savings
  • Reduced staffing and systems management time
  • Critical system issues monthly average reduced
  • Performance issues monthly average reduced

About GALTech Technologies

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